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Thank you for visiting our website, we are NZs leading vireya nursery with the largest range available in the country of these wonderful vibrant colourful plants.

Many vireya enthusiasts will remember John Kenyon’s nursery Te Puna Cottage Gardens in Tauranga, whose stock we purchased following his retirement from horticulture & some of whose breeding we are continuing with the intention of offering new releases in the future. We have continued to propagate all the varieties he grew & have most back in production again. Stock varies season to season as new batches come ready & others sell out.

We supply many garden centres in the North Island with our plants, & have listed under stockists those that support the stocking of a good range of our plants, this list will be added to, & we also supply many more not listed also, particularly in the Northland down to Bay of Plenty & Waikato region.

While growing practices vary, with some nurseries aiming to get a tall plant quick that might flower young, we focus on regular pruning that creates a well shaped bush (although sometimes at the expense of very early flowering & impulse sale at a retail level)

This will ensure better long term results than buying a tall leggy plant.


You can purchase our plants in several ways:

1. Through your nearest garden centre, contact either them or us regarding availability & they will be supplied on their next order. (You can mention “Tui Downs Nursery” as this is our trade name) In the future our plants are likely to be branded so you can be assured of top quality, well grown plants.

2. Through our well stocked Kerikeri outlet “Plant Zone Direct”, always a good selection available to browse, see Stockists page for details.

3. In the event there are no stockists near you able to supply we can supply by courier, but the first two options are the preferred method.

We will be gradually adding to & revamping our galleries to make selection easier, please visit again to view. We will also be listing descriptions for every variety we grow.

Tim and Yuan Edgecombe

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